2024-2025 Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA)

The expenses listed below are estimated costs for attending Santa Rosa Junior College and are intended to give you a general idea about the cost of attendance as a full-time student attending both the fall and spring semesters.

9 Month Budget Based on Full-Time Attendance*

Living Arrangement With Parents On Campus Off Campus Living Arrangement  With Parents On Campus Off Campus
Semester Fall & Spring Semester Fall & Spring Semester Fall & Spring Summer FT Summer FT Summer FT
Resident Enrollment Fees $621 $1,242 $621 $1,242 $621 $1,242 Resident Enrollment Fees $552 $552 $552
Room & Board $6,199 $12,398 $10,838 $21,676 $11,230 $22,460 Room & Board $2,755 $4,817 $4,991
Books & Supplies $753 $1,506 $753 $1,506 $753 $1,506 Books & Supplies $753 $753 $753
Transportation $944 $1,888 $649 $1,298 $1,034 $2,068 Transportation $420 $288 $460
Personal Expenses $2,239 $4,478 $1,837 $3,674 $2,748 $5,496 Personal Expenses $1,035 $816 $1,221
Mandatory Fees ** $43 $86 $43 $86 $43 $86 Mandatory Fees ** $29 $29 $29
Total Resident Fees $10,799 $21,598 $14,741 $29,482 $16,429 $32,858 Total Resident Fees $5,544 $7,255 $8,006
Non-Resident Tuition*** $5,508 $11,016 $5,508 $11,016 $5,508 $11,016 Non-Resident Tuition*** $4,896 $4,896 $4,896
Total Non-Resident Tuition $16,307 $32,614 $20,249 $40,498 $21,937 $43,874 Total Non-Resident Tuition $10,440 $12,151 $12,902

* Costs reflect California resident and non-resident estimated cost of attendance for fall and spring only. Current fees are $46 per unit each academic term. Estimated enrollment fees (tuition) are based on an average of 13.5 units per academic term (fall/spring).

** Health Services, Student Representation, Student Center, and Student Transportation fees. 

*** Non-resident/out-of-state tuition fees are $406 per unit, plus Capital Outlay of $2 per unit. (Feb 2024 BOD)

For further information regarding the breakdown of enrollment fees and other mandatory fees, including a list of parking permit fees, visit SRJC Accounting -- https://accounting.santarosa.edu/tuition-and-fees

The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) 2024-2025 Student Expense Budget Chart was used for Room & Board,  Books & Supplies, Transportation, and Personal Expenses for full-time students increased by the local 12-month average CPI from -- https://www.bls.gov/regions/west/news-release/consumerpriceindex_sanfrancisco.htm

Resident Summer 2024 budgets: At home $ 5,544 ; On-Campus $ 7,255 ; Off-Campus $ 8,006 ( Non-res: + $ 4,896) 

Fees may change based on actions taken by the governor and the state legislature. Students eligible for the California College Promise Grant (CCPG) will have the $46 per unit enrollment fee waived. Used an average of 1% of a first year subsidized loan ($34).

*On-campus housing based on an average $ 14,970 for 9 months + $ 4,182/semester for food (CSAC)


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