Conversations With

SRJC's Student Financial Services is committed to humanizing the Financial Aid process, known to be intimidating and overwhelming. Join Student Financial Services', Drina and Lauren, as they offer a glimpse of Financial Aid behind-the-scenes. They'll share updates and tips about financial aid at SRJC, while relating their personal experiences as students and professionals. Listen in to hear conversations with friends from the community, like staff, students, and faculty, as they share inspiring anecdotes about utilizing SRJC's abundant resources. Remember: YOU MATTER. YOUR EDUCATION MATTERS. YOUR FINANCIAL AID MATTERS.

May 2022: Lauren and Drina are joined by respected, colleague and Sawubona Center Coordinator, Regina Mahiri. They talk about the beautiful and newly opened Sawubona Center, Regina's empowering personal experience with financial aid and share the reminder that it's not too late to apply for financial aid. 

April 2022: In their first episode of "Conversations With", Drina and Lauren share their excitement for this new way of sharing with the community, while also sharing updates for students on what's happening in Financial aid.