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Paying Your Way Through College!

Welcome to Santa Rosa Junior College's Financial Aid Website. SRJC Students are exactly why the Financial Aid office is here! The Financial Aid staff looks forward to helping you discover the many ways to help make your education more affordable.

The purpose of the financial aid programs is to remove financial barriers that may prevent you from pursuing your educational goals. By working together, we can help you know what you are eligible for, how to pay your way through college, and you can reach your goals more quickly.

When you access financial assistance at SRJC, you will begin to tailor your educational path to fulfill your aspirations, whether you want to transfer to a four-year university, earn a job skills certificate in nearly 150 programs, or earn an associate degree.

Assistance That's Right For You!

Financial Aid programs attempt to fill the gap that may exist between the cost of education and the money available to students from family, employment, savings, and other resources. SRJC's Financial Aid programs assist students who might otherwise be unable to continue their education due to financial hardship.

We offer a variety of financial aid programs that are funded by government and private sources to help you get through college. These include grants, work-study opportunities, scholarships, and loan programs. Since there are so many ways to assist with financing your education, SRJC's Financial Aid Office can provide key information to help you access the kind of assistance you qualify for to meet your unique needs.

We sincerely hope that you will count on us to help you with the financial aid process!

Important Financial Aid Information

  1. To be eligible for Financial Aid you must have:
    • a High School Diploma, or
    • a GED Certificate, or
    • a California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) certificate, or
    • passed 6 degree applicable units by June 30, 2012.

  2. Pell Grant Change: Effective Fall 2012, students are now limited to 12 semesters (or 600%) of Pell Grant eligibility during their lifetime. This change affects all students regardless of when or where they received their first Pell Grant(s). Students that have already used 600% of their Pell Grant eligibility will no longer be eligible to receive a Pell Grant.