How To Apply

Some undocumented students may be eligible for state aid, for more information contact the Santa Rosa Junior College Dream Center at (707) 521-7947 or visit the SRJC CA Dream Act webpage for more information.


Students applying for Federal & State financial aid will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Complete the FAFSA, online. You may wish to gather tax and asset information before you begin completing the FAFSA. 

List of information needed to apply for 2017/2018 financial aid

Don't forget to sign it and have your parent sign it. This can be done electronically with your FSAID number, or by printing and signing a signature page. If you need parent information on the FAFSA, then both student and parent must sign.

If you sign the FAFSA online with a PIN and have included your e-mail address on the FAFSA, you will receive a response from the U. S. Department of Education very quickly. Typically, this response is sent within 72 hours.

Approximately two to four weeks from the date you sign your FAFSA with a PIN, or four to six weeks after you submit your FAFSA and mail a signed signature page, you will receive an email indicating your Student Aid Report (SAR) is ready and can be viewed online. Review the information on your Student Aid Report and send corrections if necessary. Estimated tax information must be corrected after taxes have been filed. Many students and parents can transfer tax data directly from the IRS into the FAFSA. Soon after, you may receive a letter from the SRJC Financial Aid office requesting that you complete and submit certain documents in order to complete your file and determine if you are eligible for a financial aid award. In order to ensure timely processing, complete and return requested documents to us promptly.


Brochure (PDF: 225k)
Brochure in Spanish (PDF: 280k)