Exit Loan Counseling Requirement

You must complete the Direct Loan Exit Counseling online before your final loan disbursement can be sent to the school and issued to you. 


Loan Exit Counseling Tutorial Video 


  • You will need to access the Internet. If you do not have access to the Internet, you may use the computer in the SRJC Financial Aid Office lobby to complete your Exit Counseling


  • Go to the Direct Loan Web site at studentloans.gov:
    • Select the green "Sign In" button
    • Enter your information and your FSA ID. The FSA ID is a username and password combination used to sign the FAFSA. You can apply for a FSA ID at fsaid.ed.gov. If you have applied for financial aid in the past, you probably have a PINIf you have a PIN, you can link your information to your new FSA ID by entering your PIN while registering for your FSA ID


  • After you have signed on you will see your name and personal information on the right near the top of the page:
    • Select "Complete Counseling" located in the center of the page
    • Click on “Santa Rosa Junior College” from the drop down list of schools, click the “notify this school” button
    • Select "Exit Counseling," read the text
    • Click the "Start" button to navigate to the next page
    • Use the drop down box, select "California" for the state, click "display," choose "Santa Rosa Junior College – Santa Rosa 001287"
    • Click "Add" button - it will display that you are leaving Santa Rosa Junior College
    • Select "Next," read the text
    • Select "Next" button to go to the next screen


  • Answer the questions, and use the Next button to see the answers,
    • Review answers and use "Next" button to continue
    • Enter estimates for a budget for your life after you leave school, use the "Submit" button to confirm your budget
    • Click the "Next" button
    • Enter your contact information, personal references, click "Submit" 


Santa Rosa Junior College will be notified electronically that you have completed your Exit Counseling.