americorp helpful hints

Americorp Educational Award Helpful Hints
  • To ensure proper and timely payment of your award, it is our practice to accept only one AmeriCorps award request per term.
  • Initiate your single-term request at the Americorp website indicating Santa Rosa Junior College as your school:
  • SRJC must see that you are enrolled in at least .5 units for the term you are requesting. The AmeriCorps educational award can then be accepted and processed by our financial aid office. If you are not yet enrolled, your request will be denied.
  • Your award is then pending the release of federal funds to SRJC. A check will be issued by SRJC and mailed to your address on file with the Admissions and Records office (can be updated through your Cubby).
  • When the federal funds come to SRJC, your enrollment is again verified by our financial aid office and your award activated for the next scheduled financial aid pay date:

2016-2017 Payment Schedule


There are two major payment days at the beginning and at the mid-point of each semester for all students eligible for payments by those dates. These are followed by secondary payment dates every week or two weeks to pay students who were not previously ready for payment. Students on financial aid who withdraw completely from school before 11/04/16 during the fall semester and before 3/31/17 in the spring semester will be required to repay a portion of the student aid funds disbursed for that semester, and will be ineligible for further aid.

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

August 19 (F) 1st Disbursement (50%)
Supplemental Payments

August 26
August 31
September 7
September 15 (Th)
September 21
September 28

January 13 (F) 1st Disbursement (50%)
Supplemental Payments

January 19 (Th)
January 25
February 1
February 8
February 16 (Th)
February 22

March 1


October 19 (W) 2nd Disbursement (50%)
Supplemental Payments

October 26
November 10 (Th)
November 23
December 7

March 15 (W) 2nd Disbursement (50%)
Supplemental Payments

March 29
April 12
April 26
May 10
May 24

Please refer to the SRJC Cost of Attendance to help you plan the amount of your award request each term.